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This report allows you to identify store stocking issues when inventory is reported as being present at the store, but there are no sales over an increasing time period. We call this phantom inventory because it may be present in the inventory logs but, for a variety of reasons, it is not available to the customer. We further analyze the store and item issues and compare them to similar stores to quantify the likely loss in sales of this issue persisting based on peer performance.

Table of Contents

Default Columns In This Report

  • Market
  • Mkt. Name
  • Store #
  • City,State
  • Category
  • Item #
  • Description
  • Status
  • Inventory
  • # of Weeks
  • Avg. Retail
  • Market ASW
  • Min Retail Loss
  • Max Retail Loss
  • Min Cost$ Loss
  • Max Cost$ Loss
  • Avg. Wks. to Sell
  • Inventory Cost$

Column Definitions

Many of the column names are common between reports. We also use abbreviations to save space. To learn about the meaning of a specific column click on the link below for the glossary of column terms.

Report Columns / Terms Glossary