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Creating users can be done through a single user addition or bulk user additions - which can be helpful when adding whole teams.  

Adding A Single User

To add a new user, click on the Avantalytics Admin menu, then choose "Add New User".  A screen similar to the one below will be shown.  Each user will need to have a unique email address in the system.  This can be a company email or a personal email, or in certain instances – an invalid email (when creating model users)

As you fill out the information - the most important initial setting is the default user role.  You can create user roles in the system, but many find that the most expedient way of adding a user is to model the new user from an existing user.  This is very helpful as it makes creating identical permissions as easy as finding an existing user.  In the screen below – choose Existing User" and you'll see a list of all existing users in the account — simply find the user to model and then you can add the new user and have permissions set easily.

Bulk Adding Users

Bulk adding users is helpful when onboarding entire teams or lists of users.  To do so you'll want to create or request an Excel template from Avantalytics Support.  The upload fields are shown below and can be mocked into columns in Excel.  Simply fill in the values for the colums below, then copy and paste the values.  Note the "Existing UserID" column, which just as in the above, can be used to create users from existing users.

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