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Get more out of your access to Home Depot's Supplier Analytics

Home Depot provides a huge amount of data about their online business through the Supplier Analytics service. We take this data and build insight panels to allow you to easily visualize this data and understand how your business is performing.

Avantalytics THDSA+ insight panels allow you to see how your Home Depot online items are performing. You can track page visits, $$ and unit sales, customer ratings and average retail price trends. Create custom reports to track trends.

With the information available in these panels you can:

  • Track online item performance separately from B&M item performance

  • Monitor overall category performance

  • Track online and B&M item share

  • View number of orders vs. revenue

  • Track page visits and customer ratings

  • Combine these reports with your B&M reporting to get a complete view of your business

Insight panels covered in this section:

With our service you’ll accelerate and remain on the cutting edge of emerging online trends, ensuring both your business channels are growing and taking share, instead of the other way around.

Online Definitions

Home Depot uses abbreviations for some metrics in their online reporting. Here's a list of the common ones.

  • BOPIS - Buy Online Pickup In Store (Customer orders online, picks up order at the store)
  • BODFS - Buy Online Deliver From Store (Customer orders online, Home Depot delivers order to their location from a local store)
  • BOSS - Buy Online Ship From Store (Customer orders item carried in a store, and has it delivered from that store)