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The Sell Thru Trend insight panel is one of a suite of insight panels we have that specifically assist you with analyzing your sell thru data. Please refer to the related links in the right-hand column to find a list of the rest of the panels that tackle the data reporting for sell thru, as building a view that is optimized for sell thru data may be extremely valuable to you and is as simple as dragging all of these panels to a single view and saving it for continued analysis.

The Sell Thru Trend panel is one of the most powerful inventory insight panels at your disposal. Just as the Phantom Inventory Trend will help you quickly zero in on an anomaly in sales, the Sell Thru Trend is very useful at helping you zero in on anomalies in inventory. This graph is meant to help you simultaneously track shipments, sales and residual inventory all in one very simple graph. The real value this panel has is letting you know if your inventory is dangerously high or dangerously low, so you don't have to wait until a year end inventory audit to discover if you should have adopted a course correction for shipments.

Anatomy of the Sell Thru Trend

Table of Contents

Learn About Popular Use Cases
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Sell Thru Trend - Video Tutorial

What's Inside

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the major features of the Sell Thru Trend Insight Panel. In this video, we will learn:

  • What the panel is and how to read the different parts of the graph
  • How to interpret the graph data in order to use knowledge to develop best practices 
  • How to use built in features in Avantalytics graphs such as zoom and mute, to get the view you want
  • How to create custom titles and custom sub-titles for your graphs