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When you click on "Manage Your Team" you should see a table with core functions of the mobile app and your users usage of them. This can help you identify training and usage gaps.


To begin - click on the "Manage Your Team" and you will see a table of activity types across the top and users down the left hand side.

Manage Tasks

Customizing the QuickView

The default view can be customized by time period, users, and activity types.  Since different accounts have different priorities for usage, you can eliminate the usages which are not important to focus on usage compliance across a core set of functions.  Below is a screenshot showing the options.  Note:  the checkbox allows you to save whatever selections you wish to have the list pre-cultivated to your preference.

Table of Contents

Metrics Definitions:

  • Localized To Store – This happens each time a user enters the localized state in the app.
  • Leave Store – This signifies the user explicitly chose to leave the store (best practice).
  • Inventory Change – The user changed on or more item inventory counts – either upward or downward.
  • Viewed Tasks - The user entered the Tasks section of the app to view any assigned tasks at a store.
  • Cart Entries - The user entered cart data.
  • Completed Tasks(s) – The user completed one or more task
  • Upload Store Notes – The user added to the notes log at the store.
  • Clock In – The user used the manual clock in feature – this usually is associated with a non-retail clock in.
  • View Time Card – The user viewed their accumulated time during the day.
  • Finalize Time Card – The user finalized their time card – typically at the end of the day (best practice)
  • Comp Shop – The user entered a comparison price shop data point
  • View Chat Threads – The user entered the chat feature to view existing chat threads.
  • View Chat Msg – The user viewed the details of a message in their threads
  • Sent Chat Msg – The user started a new chat thread or replied to an existing thread.
  • View Employee Hrs – The user viewed one or more user's accumulated hours and mileage in a managerial role.
  • Create Tasks - A user created a task
  • Sent Help Ticket – The user initiated a help ticket with Avantalytics Support.
  • Mobile Views - The user opened their mobile views.