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User roles are a central part of managing permissions within the system for groups of homogenous users.  If you have a number of users or are adding and removing users often, setting up roles which retain the desired permissions can be a big time-saver in the system.  Read on below to understand how to utilize these best.  To access the user roles features, you must have permissions to Avantalytics Admin and "Manage User Roles" option in the menu shown below on the left.

Adding User Roles

Adding a user role can be done where the role is defined from scratch, with not permissions initially.  To do this locate the "Add User Role" option in the blue toolbar across the top and click on it.  You'll be asked to provide a role name.  Once you've done so, the role will be available in the list of user roles.

Adding A Role Based on an Existing User

Sometimes it can be a quick time saver to create a role where the initial permissions match that of an existing user.  This allows you to start with a number of permissions and then you can customize the role permissions without having to manually assign each and every permission from scratch.  To do this, you need to have access to "User Permissions" – click on the user you wish use as the model then see the toolbar option below called "Create Role From User" – this will take care of creating and assgining initial permissions.  You can then customize the role through the normal role management screens

Interacting & Updating User Roles

The table shown below has a number of links which allow you to interact with roles – assigning roles to one or more user, adding or removing permissions and report access, editing the descriptive for the role or even deleting the role.  As you make changes to permissions – any user assigned this role will receive the updated permissions.  If you are removing permissions, a user will lose that permission if the role providing it was the only way it gained permission.  It should be noted  that users can be assigned multiple roles which may have overlapping permissions.  In these cases, removing the permission from one role will not remove the permission from a user if another role they remain assigned to also lists that permission.

Tip: right clicking on the role ID on the left provides access to all functions to modify user roles directly.

Table of Contents

Adding / Removing Assigned Users

To add or remove a user - click on the "View Assign" link for the Users column on the user role you wish to change – you'll see a pop-up list of the users in the account currently.  Check the box  (or uncheck to remove) to assign the role to the user.  Once this is done, the user will gain all the permissions of the role. Furthermore as you make changes to the role in the future, those permissions changes will propogate to users assigned to the role.