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Similar in functionality to 3rd party connections, if you utilize the Sales Force Management service, you can set up  clients whom your company may perform merchandising services for even if they're not already a client within the Avantalytics network.  In this way you can assign and segment tasks, upload UPC/Items that the client provides to allow your people to quickly scan items and have them tie out for reporting quickly and automatically.

As shown above, the table lists all the merchandising clients you may perform services for and whether they're active or inactive.   Read below to learn how to add a client.  You can click on the blue buttons on the right to edit the stores for which you perform merchandising and also change the items which the client has.  Entering the UPC and description of all items is important because it provides a connection to the barcodes your field personnel may be scanning for inventory purposes.

Table of Contents

Adding a Client

To add a new partner, locate the toolbar at the top and choose "New External Client".  You'll be given the screen below.   Type in the company name and information for the client and choose add new client.  Once you do this they'll be added to the list above and shown as inactive.  You can leave them inactive as long as you like.  Depending on your merchandising plan in Avantalytics you may or may not be charged per active client. Consult your contract.