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Here you can find many resources for learning how to best utilize our system. The documentation is designed to allow you to learn how to do specific things with the system as opposed to being an exhaustive resource for all functionality. If you're looking for something specific, we have a handy search bar for you along the top!

Getting Started: Insight Panels

Most users will interact with the insight panels in their day-to-day use of Avantalytics, so learning about the Insight Panels is a great place to get started in the documentation. We have several categories of Insight Panels for you to explore, which are:

  • Sales Insights (panels which revolve around displaying the POS sales data)
  • Weather Insights (panels which revolve around displaying weather data where you can specify the region and dates)
  • Merchandiser Insights (panels which revolve around tracking field team hours and tasks)
  • Field Team Insights (panels which revolve around tracking the actual work your field team performs on site)
  • Inventory Insights (panels which revolve around tracking inventory management, including ships and sell-throughs)
  • Efficiency Insights (panels which revolve around making it easy to find data on reports you have previously run)
  • Category Insights (panels which revolve around item categorization and comparison of said categories)

Getting Started: Report Library

Most users, especially those savvy with Excel, will also use the Reporting Library on a frequent basis. We also have several categories of Reports for you to choose from. Below is a handy breakdown of the categories.

  • Category Monitoring (These reports allow you to see what competitors are doing with sales, which new products they have introduced, and which products are identical/similar to yours)
  • Demographics (These reports allow you to see your sales broken down along demographic lines)
  • Exception (These reports allow you to easily find gaps in the data entered into Avantalytics, like POS items that have not yet been set up in the system)
  • Inventory (These reports allow you to get to know your sell-through percentages, out of stock trends and shrink/swell issues in detail)
  • Merchandising (These reports allow you to see everything you need to keep track of your sales team's activities)
  • Miscellaneous (These reports offer a number of views that do not fall cleanly in the other categories, but are nonetheless great resources to help you save time and delve deeper into your data)
  • Multi-Retailer (These reports allow you to select and display information for multiple-retailers together for quick and thorough comparisons, executed with simplicity)
  • National Sales (These reports provide a multitude of POS sales reports as well as shipment sales reports)
  • Ordering (These reports allow you to delve into different aspects of ordering, such as pack types)
  • Retailer Consolidation (These reports help you analyze different aspects of inventory sell-through percentages)
  • Sales Research (These reports allow you to learn about the performance of your sales and other promotions)
  • Salesforce (These reports allow you to see data shared with you by your field sales team)

Getting Started: Video Library

Finally, the easiest way to delve in and learn is simply to dabble in our Video Library. Below are a few to get started, and you can find the rest here:

State Sales Heat Map

State Sales Heat Map - Reports

Market Year-Over-Year Temperature Differences - The Basics

Temperature Heat Map - The Basics

Precipitation Map - The Basics
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