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The Daily Sales Trend is limited to customer's whose retail data is available at the daily level, but otherwise it performs and behaves much like the weekly sales trend. This panel allows you to view year-over-year performance for a variety of chosen metrics simply by selecting the options you desire in the Settings Gear.  Unlike the weekly trend panel, this insight is not currently capable of displaying multiple retailers at once. The main goal of this panel is to provide more intra-week daily data available when real-time decision and analysis are needed.  The insight panel is interactive - click on any point on any line and it will provide you with sales information for the given day and retailer you've chosen via running a Sales & Inventory Analysis By Item Report (70) report   - so you can quickly drill in to see what's going on in a given day from a sales and inventory perspective.

While the panel is labeled and organized as a "Sales" insight - it also has the ability to show you inventory metrics as well through selection of the appropriate metric in the gear selection.

Popular Use Case 1 - Sales Vs. Temperature.

One popular use case is the side-by-side use of this with the Temperature Trend insight panel.  Because both show data on a daily basis - its incredible easy to set both panels to represent a targeted region and see how differences in temperatures correlate to daily sales fluctuations.  Below is just an example of this using some highly seasonal weather-driven sales data.  We've hidden some of the metrics on the temperature trend to highlight the year-over-year temperature differences.  On the left you can see the starting at 3/1/19 - the sales in 2019 significantly under-performed vs 2018 - a quick glance on the right shows the the temperatures diving year-on-year during the same time period, undoubtedly affecting store traffic in the area as the high temperatures dipped over 30 degrees relative to the prior year.

Popular Use Case 2 - Inventory Build Monitoring

Monitoring inventor trends over time, especially ahead of key selling periods is a critical need for many customers.  As any supplier knows - supply must be built over time and so monitoring the build becomes key.  Moreover its important to be able to compare your build to prior year to get an understanding of whether you're ahead of or behind on your build effort.  This panel makes that simple.  Below shows the inventory values and year-over-year growth by day for a set of items in a particular region.  From the screenshot below you can see that the buildup started earlier in the year and the total value of inventory remains higher than prior year, but has begun trending back to the levels of prior year.  Overall this shows a conservative, deliberate build strategy especially compared the prior year.