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Custom regions are a simple concept with huge potential for improved data analysis, tailored just for you. Use Avantalytics' powerful custom region builder to quickly set up regions that are specifically meaningful to your business, such as unique sales territories.

Custom regions, simply put, are collections of retail store locations, specific to a retailer. Imagine if you are introducing a new product in a small set of stores and want to monitor sales of stores.  You need to report on just those stores.  Or perhaps you have a number of field sales people with different territories and you wish to report on each specifically.  There are hundreds more scenarios, but let's get to the meat!

Just as markets, or districts, or patches are just arbitrary groups of stores, Avantalytics allows you to create and name and manage and share custom groups of stores.

You can create and update these regions as your business changes.


  • Be careful when deleting regions as deleting a shared region will remove it from all reports where this region is selected.
  • Once these regions are created, the regions names cannot be updated.
  • When naming a custom region, a best practice is to use a name that will not need to be updated if there are changes to the region. For example, name a region by its number or geographical location, and not with a merchant, buyer or specific user name.

Custom Regions Console

Table of Contents

Did You Know?

You can view several custom regions at once by holding down your "Ctrl" key and selecting multiple regions from the list?  Try it out (shown below).

Custom Regions - Video Tutorial

What's Inside

This video tutorial demonstrates how to create and use Custom Regions. In this video, we will learn:

  • What custom regions are and why they are useful
  • Which Insight Panels have custom regions integration
  • How to access and navigate custom region editing tools
  • How to create a new custom region
  • How to bring up a custom region in Insight Panels
  • How to build a dashboard view around custom regions